Large Wooden Crosses

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Hand-made wooden crosses

Click here for set of three Set

?Login to see this file. MysteryWood African_Mahogany African Mahogany African_Mahogany_2 African Mahogany Ambrosia_Maple Ambrosia Maple American_Cherry American Cherry Asian_Mahogany_2 Asian Mahogany Asian_Mahogany Asian Mahogany Asian_Mahogany__Dark__2 Asian Mahogany (Dark) Asian_Mahogany__Dark_ Asian Mahogany (Dark) Asian_Mahogany__Dark__3 Asian Mahogany (Dark) Bamboo Bamboo Beech Beech Birch_Veneer__Finished__Plywood_ Birch Veneer, Finished (Plywood) Birch_Veneer__Unfinished__Plywood_ Birch Veneer, Unfinished (Plywood) Birch__Unfinished Birch, Unfinished Black_Walnut Black Walnut Black_Walnut_2 Black Walnut ?This file is private. Bloodwood Brazilian_Cherry__Dark_ American Cherry (Light) Brazilian_Cherry__Stained Brazilian Cherry, Stained Maple Maple Maple__Unfinished_2 Maple, Unfinished Maple__Unfinished Maple, Unfinished Maple_Birch Maple/Birch Oak_Veneer__Plywood_ Oak Veneer (Plywood) Oak_Veneer__Finished__Plywood_ Oak Veneer, Finished (Plywood) Golden_Oak Golden Oak Honey_Oak Honey Oak Red_Oak Red Oak Padauk Padauk Purple_Heart_Mahogany Purple Heart Mahogany Purple_Heart_Mahogany_3 Purple Heart Mahogany Red_Cedar Red Cedar Red_Cedar_3 Red Cedar Red_Cedar__Unfinished Red Cedar, Unfinished Red_Cedar_2 Red Cedar, Unfinished Red_Cedar__Unfinished_2 Red Cedar, Unfinished Redwood Redwood Rosewood Bloodwood Bloodwood__Unfinished Bloodwoodwood, Unfinished Rough_surface_with_Bark Rough surface with Bark Sepele Sepele South_American_Mahogany South American Mahogany Sycamore_Cross Sycamore Cross White_Cedar Red and White Cedar White_Oak__Unfinished White Oak, Unfinished White_Pine White Pine White_Pine__Painted White Pine, Painted (scroll down for decorated) Yellow_Pine Yellow Pine