Prayer Crosses

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Prayer Crosses

Individual photos below prices

Hand Held wooden prayer crosses suitable for praying Hospis and/or Terminally Ill patients that are bed ridden.

Also popular with Funeral Home Directors for placing in the hands of Deceased Christians.

Now available, see Price List,


Pine Varnished             $ 9.95              #2 White Oak

Cedar Varnished           $ 9.95              #3 African Mahogany

Oak, Red or White       $12.95             #4 Walnut

Black Walnut                $12.95             #5 Red Cedar

Mahoganies                 $14.95             #6 Padauk

Maple                           $19.95             #1 Box Elder

other Exotic Woods    $14.95             #7 Black Walnut

Many other woods availble at similar prices, please scroll down for individual photos, thank you.

Box_Elder Box Elder Oak_Cross White Oak African_Mahogany African Mahogany Walnut_Cross Walnut Red_Cedar_Cross Red Cedar Padauk Red Padauk Dark_Black_Walnut Black Walnut